Hattusa Restaurants

The Hittites who rode their chariots in the steppes of Anatolia about 3,600 years ago didn’t know that they were the creators of the world’s first peace treaty (with Egyptian Ramesses II), and one of the oldest cities on earth – Hattusa – which was their capital.

The Hattusa you meet here today doesn’t claim to be anything but a restaurant that tries its best to bring you the finest dishes of Anatolian food, alongside samples of the traditional pottery of the region, ripened through the generations.


115 London Road, Sevenoaks,
Kent TN13 1BH

T: 01732 463 752

Tunbridge Wells

106 Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells,
Kent TN1 2QX

T: 01892 513 449


1a Belmont Buildings,
Crowborough TN6 2QB

T: 01892 320 196

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